Zero Emissions Target

Who are SMS Tech

SMS Tech provide a turn key Operational Areas Management solution designed to improve efficiency, overall performance, and reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation. SMS Tech recognised there was a gap when it came to a digital solution designed specifically for the operational phase of business, a core area of any organisation which existing solutions do not cater for. Free flowing data often stops when it hits operational areas, our solution allows the flow of data to continue, ensuring KPI’s are achieved. The core values of the solution are dedicated to improving the efficiency and overall performance of an organisations operational areas by reducing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. Having one system that integrates and manages all the core information needed operationally eradicates the reliance of paper-based tasks, thus reducing environmental waste and a businesses carbon footprint.

Help the people, save the trees


SMS Tech (Smart Manufacturing Solutions Technology) was founded in 2021 after Smart Manufacturing Solutions Ltd partnered with Scale Digital Ventures Ltd after connecting at EMCON 2021. The team at SMS Tech are made up of experts in Quality, Health & Safety and Operations. Scale Digital Ventures Ltd have experience in innovating, delivering and supporting manufacturing software. This showed a great synergy and ensured all the relevant areas of experience were covered to ensure the launch of the Operational Areas Management system. 


  • Support organisations globally in going paperless and improving operational area efficiency and productivity.
  • Help businesses achieve the 2030 zero emissions target.