Medical Operational Area Management Solution

SMS Tech provides a turnkey solution designed to improve efficiency, overall performance, and reduce the carbon footprint of your hospital. 

SMS Tech recognised there was a gap when it came to a digital solution designed specifically for capturing compliance and audit related tasks by hospital operations, a core area of the hospital process that existing Hospital Information Systems (HIS) do not cater for. 

Free-flowing data often stops when it hits the patient care phase, our Operational Area Management solution allows the flow of data to continue, ensuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are achieved. 

The core values of the solution are dedicated to improving the efficiency and overall performance of the hospital by reducing the time spent on non-value-added tasks. Having one system that integrates and manages all the core information needed to operate a hospital eradicates the reliance on paper-based tasks, thus reducing environmental waste and a hospital’s carbon footprint.

Appointed Crown Commercial Services DPS

Facilities Management and Workplace Services – reference SQ-SSFD74F

Digital Inclusion and Support – reference SQ-DBTP2UH

Audit and Assurance Services – reference SQ-X8ED9XV

Open API Solution

Access your operational area data at any time, in any location and from any device. Our solution displays your key KPI data in one easily digestible dashboard.

Data in hand

Replace fragmented spreadsheets with paperless checklists and forms that easily integrate with many other systems whilst being CQC Compliant.

Make informed decisions

Minimise duplicate data entry and attach documents and images to ensure you have the most accurate data possible.


Reduce their carbon footprint



Reduce environmental impact due to no paper documentation or ink cartridges being disposed of.



Assign actions directly from the app, manage document control and change request



Internal and Supplier Auditing. Evidence for accreditation bodies of conformance to standards



Customisable forms to capture information & easily populate on the hospital floor.



Reduce onsite storage for archiving of paper documentation. Upload your policies in one place.

smart technology

Smart Technology

Features that paper can not incorporate such as links to other sheets, geo location, barcode scanning and video uploading.

Giving back

Here at SMS Tech, we take pride in giving back. 

Not only do we plant a tree for every 10,000 sheets of paper saved but we also give back to our local community by working with numerous charities and local athletes.

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